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Programs for the event.....

Speaker for the pre-evening event and banquet Tanja Nyberg.

Tanja was born in Russia (Siberia area) to a Volga German mother (Lillia Herrman) and a Russian father.  Lillia's family was deported from the Volga in the 1940's and served in forced labor camps.  She has direct connections to local Volga German families (ie. Herrmann, Denning, Schamne, Dreiling, Riedel, etc.)  Tanja's family eventually relocated to Germany and now Tanja lives in Fairfax, Va.  Tanja will be talking about her family history, her families experiences in forced labor camps, her families journey to Germany and the work she has done regarding religious persecution of priests along in Russia.  She will also speak on the 80th Anniversary of the Sandramokh Massacre.  Tanja was in Ellis County in 2001 for the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Volga German villages in Ellis and Rush County.

AHSGR Representative

Sherry Pawelko, Executive Director

"John Biel Returns: A Visit to the Volga German Villages, 1930" 

The much awaited DVD from AHSGR

AHSGR exclusive restored video which premiered at the 2017 Convention

"Saving Our History in Voice and Print"

Speaker -Gary Ubert

This presentation will focus on old paper clippings from the Topeka area in the early years of the arrival of the Germans from Russia and also their chapters on-going project to interviews those last remaining survivors who came to the states in the early part of the 1900's.  

"German Bohemian Migration from Bukovina to the Americas: The Ellis, Kansas Seettlement and Others"

Speaker - Steve Parks, Pueblo, West Colorado

Many of the German Bohemians who moved from the Bohemian Forest to the Austrian province of Bukovina in the 1780's - 1830s for glassmaking, farming, and village trades later moved to America.  By the mid-1880's they were moving to both North and South America, initially to rural settlements, but later to urban locations like Detroit and New York City.  We will follow them from Bohemia to Bukovina and then to the Americas, closely examine the Kansas settlement of which many integrated with many of the Germans from Russia in Ellis County area.   

"Getting a Manuscript Initiated!"

Speaker - Mevin Epp

Envisioning a published manuscript on a topic and then collecting and arranging data usable to embellish the theme of the envisioned manuscript is labor intensive.  Mel will be reviewing the information sources used as he wrote his two genealogical books, "The Petals of a Kansas Sunflower" and "For the Children", and how I went about gleaning facts from many sources. 

"A Home in America: A Volga German Story"

Speaker - Eunice Boeve

Eunice, from north Kansas area, will speak about he recently released book, which has appeared in segments in the Hays Daily News.  She is a delightful speaker who speaks very passionately about her story, even to the point of bringing a tear to your eyes!

PLUS many other activities, story sharing and possibly a extra talk here and there!!!

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